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Income Tax Evasion

Because abortion clinics primarily operate on a cash basis, they create an environment in which it is very easy to avoid paying taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service. Do not think that the IRS takes this matter lightly- this is an extremely serious issue. Rest assured that America’s federal penitentiaries are full of people who made that mistake. A yes answer to any of the following questions may indicate that your employer is involved in income tax evasion.

  • Has your employer or director ever taken cash out of the clinic’s bank deposit?
  • Has your employer or director ever taken cash from a patient and not put it in the clinic’s bank account?
  • Does your employer ever cash large personal checks at the clinic?
  • Does the clinic have more than one book from which patients are given receipts for cash payments?
  • Does the clinic ever fail to give receipts for cash payments?
  • Have you ever seen evidence that cash amounts taken in by the clinic don’t match the clinic’s bank deposit?
  • Does your employer or director use multiple accounting ledgers?
  • Are financial records ever written in pencil?
  • Is the person who makes bank deposits different from the person who counts the money taken in?
  • Are patient medical records ever destroyed or discarded?
  • Are clinic financial records ever altered, destroyed, or discarded?
  • Are employees ever given cash by clinic management?

If you are aware that this is occurring in the facility where you work, you should take immediate steps to protect yourself.


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