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We’re All Anti-Choice

One of my favorite things about being a nut job anti-choicer is that I get to be consistent. Abortion is wrong from the moment of conception up through the juicy miracle of birth.
Easy, breezy, beautiful: pro-life.
Inconsistency is the hallmark of the pro-choicer. Because they’re not pro-choice. They’re pro-certain choices.
The abortion advocate might be fine with a woman aborting because she’s poor and destitute, but appalled by a woman aborting because she doesn’t want another girl.
He may be a-okay with a teenage girl aborting because she wants to finish high school before having a baby, but repulsed by a teenage girl who aborts so she won’t be fat for prom.
He may be 100% cool with a woman aborting because she’s young and just not ready, but 100% not cool with a woman having her tenth abortion in a row.
Perhaps the most common example: abortion up to (insert number) weeks is acceptable, but abortion after that is at least questionable and at worst awful.
The lines the “pro-choice” draw are startlingly arbitrary. They vary from person to person and case to case. The sole criteria for judgment seems to be: this just bothers me for some reason. And the unspoken, unacknowledged little inconvenient truth behind the bother is that abortion is wrong and they know it.
If abortion weren’t wrong, ten in a row would be fine, and doing it to fit into a prom dress would be fine, and doing it because you’ve had it up to here with pumping out boys would be fine.
If those aren’t fine, what are your criteria? Is there a list somewhere that we can look at? No. You guys make it up as you go along.
So the next time you call us anti-choice, think about all the choices you’re anti. And congratulate us a little, because at least we’re consistent.

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