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WendyDavis campaign funded by abortion clinic that covers child rape

This week, Texas Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis gave an interview on MSNBC, where she criticizes her opponent, Greg Abbott, for opposing abortions even for rape, yet Davis gets campaign funds from an abortion clinic which covers child rape.

“You you know, I truly do not understand how women can support his candidacy,” Davis told the NOW with Alex Wagner host, “He not only supports the closure of these clinics that will endanger women’s health across the state, but he’s also said that he wants to roll back the law even further. He wants to make women’s access to reproductive health care illegal even in cases where a woman has been brutally raped, where young girl might be impregnated by her father. And his positions on these things are not in keeping with the positions of most people in our state. And he’s further shown himself to be against women’s interests in other regards. He has said that he will veto an equal pay for equal work bill if one lands on his desk.

Wendy Davis was launched into the political scene with the help of Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant crisscrossed Texas to speak out for Davis and her views supporting abortion after she attempted to filibuster a late term abortion ban in the state.

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