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The Women “Left Bleeding on the Jericho Road.”

Normally, opinion columns written on Friday afternoon’s – like today – go unnoticed. However the comments section of an article by Rev. Laura Young called “Keeping open a sacred space for those who choose abortion” proves it is definitely being noticed.

In the article, Ms. Young basically states that Christians have an “moral obligation” to not only defend abortion itself, but it’s legality. She further states that the clergy shouldn’t preach the truth that abortion is the murder of another human being, but to offer the “spiritually healing” message that God is OK with the decision to abort.

Rev. Laura Young

Rev. Laura Young
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“Rather than silence, here is a message people of faith can offer a woman who has had an abortion: God is with you and has been with you on every step of this journey. We know that nothing can separate any one of us from the love of God. God is with you when the pregnancy is conceived. God is with you when you see the positive sign on the pregnancy test. God is with you when you decide you cannot carry that pregnancy to term. God is with you when you tell a loved one you must seek an abortion. God is with you when you schedule your appointment. God is with you when you see the heartbeat flickering on the ultrasound screen. God is with the medical professionals who perform the procedure.”

 Yes, God loves us no matter what we do, but that is far different than approving of what we do.

She then summarizes that “assaults on reproductive freedom,” (I suppose she’s referring to the various health and safety laws passed around the nation & the hearing to defund Planned Parenthood when undercover videos showed them haggling over the price of baby parts) and the pro-choice clergy’s silence, results in women “left bleeding on the Jericho Road with shockingly few Good Samaritans stopping to bind them up.”

“Some people of faith might not choose an abortion for themselves, but they understand it cannot be outlawed without devastating consequences for women.”

Anyone who attends a March for Life and hears the testimony of those women who are holding the signs “I Regret My Abortion,” can tell you legal Abortion has had extremely devastating consequences for women. However, it’s probably a safe bet that this reverend hasn’t attended any pro-life events. 

All those religious people outside the clinics, that she depicts as crazy people, can tell you stories of women being dragged into abortion clinics against their will or barely being able to walk as they leave the clinics. She must not have been out there on those days.

She wouldn’t find the stories of the 82 women killed by the men who impregnated them for refusing to abort their child “freeing and healing to others.” Stories of like that of 16-year-old Stephanie Burnett:

According to law enforcement officials, Matthew John Wiedman killed Ms. Burnett because she was pregnant with his baby and would not agree to have an abortion. During a meeting with Wiedman, he and an accomplice, Raymond Anthony Soto, attacked Ms. Burnett with a steel dumbbell and repeatedly stabbed her with a long-bladed knife. An autopsy revealed that every bone in her face was broken, her skull was crushed and her throat was slashed. In 2003, Wiedman and Soto were convicted of her murder and given life in prison. [The Augusta Chronicle 4-23 & 24-2002 / 4-23-2003]

Read the Under the Radar Report by Life Dynamics

While attempting to write about being “attacked at a religious level,” she is silent the women who are sexually harassed and raped by the “medical professionals” who work at these clinics.  “Professionals” like abortionist Brian Finkel, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for 22 counts of sexual assault of his patients. (You can read more about this in Lime 5.)

She mentions this is social justice issue on which we cannot remain silent, lest we be complicit” yet she is silent about the young girls, like 12-year-old “Rebecca,” taken by their adult rapists to get abortions – and the clinics refuse to report.

In July 2003, Bergara, 30, was having a sexual relationship with 12-year-old “Rebecca” when she became pregnant.  She was taken for an abortion in August and it is evident the clinic did not file a report since she was pregnant again in February of 2004.  She was taken for a second abortion in March and, as before, it is obvious no report was made since the sexual abuse continued for more than another year.  Court documents show that Bergara gave the girl various drugs including methamphetamine, alcohol, marijuana, PCP, ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms.  When the relationship turned violent, Rebecca became frightened and went to the police.  In 2008, Bergara was sentenced to more than 108 years in prison for charges related to this illicit sexual relationship.  [In The Court of Appeal of the State of California Sixth Appellate District, Santa Clara County case # CC585708, 3-20-2008]

Learn more about the Child Predator Scandal at

Finallly, she writes about those women “left bleeding on the Jericho Road” in need of a “few Good Samaritans stopping to bind them up.”  Yet where was she (or the feminist groups) when Tonya Reaves was left to bleed to death for FIVE HOURS in a Planned Parenthood?  #ShoutYourAbortion

The pro-life movement knows all too well about the destruction legalized abortion has on women. We speak about it every day, all day because those groups who claim to care about women and women’s rights are willfully silent. It doesn’t fit into their picture of female empowerment.

What Ms. Young forgets about the parable of the good Samaritan, is that one of the two men who left the mugged man to die on that road was a priest…

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