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The Real Reason the FDA Changed the Abortion Pill Guidelines…

Why are pro-life advocates upset with the FDA? (and rightfully so)

It is because the FDA has extended the use of “the abortion pill” to 70 days into pregnancy, instead of the original 49.

Mifepristone, also known as Mifeprex and RU486, has many risks and complications and it has injured many women.


Plus, making it even more dangerous, many abortionists prescribe the medication in ways that goes against the drug manufacturer’s guidelines.  (See “Contraception & Chemical Abortions” for more information)

Despite the risks and complications that have been associated with RU486, Planned Parenthood has praised the FDA’s decision, declaring it a “win” for women everywhere.


Also going along with the usual rhetoric, other pro-abortion advocates are saying that this is good news, especially since women’s reproductive rights are being brutally “attacked” and threatened”.

The label update will expand options early in pregnancy, particularly in states where access to medication abortion is under attack…It also is an opportunity to remind politicians across the country to stop playing politics with medicine. Instead of creating obstacles to high-quality care, politicians should do their job to protect, not endanger the health of women across the nation.

– Jennifer Dalven, ACLU’s director of Reproductive Freedom Project                                                                          (Source: CNN Article)





But what is the real reason the use of the medication has been extended for pregnant women?

The answer is simple: so that abortionists who prescribe RU486 will be less likely to be caught up in a malpractice lawsuit.

…under the old arrangement, because the abortion industry was ignoring the drug manufacturer’s protocol, they were exposed to a high risk of being sued for medical malpractice.  But now, the Obama administration has taken care of that little problem.  From now on, when the abortion industry’s negligent use of chemical abortion puts a woman in a nursing home or on a coroner’s slab, their defense will be that they were simply following the federal government’s guidelines.

– Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics

See “FDA: Smoke and Mirrors” for the full argument or watch the following video:

So instead of looking out for the women that they claim they care about, they are really just looking out for themselves and their profits.


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