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Siege: The Most Important Pro-Life Guide

This book will change everything you think about

the war against the unborn.

Siege - A Pro-Life Field Manual by Mark Crutcher

Right now, the pro-life movement is entering a new phase as we continue to fight for the pre-born. We have opportunities that we’ve never had before and we are saving thousands of babies. But, in order to continue to successfully save lives, and to save even more, we must be prepared to adjust our strategies and tactics.


That is why “Siege” is so crucial:

This game-changing book, written by Mark Crutcher, is designed to provide a better understanding of the battle ahead. And it gives ideas for how we as a movement go forward.

In order to be victorious, we must know the enemy- the abortion movement, and to understand our own side as well. The pro-abortion side has always been depicted as the side to be on, while they, along with the media, have portrayed the pro-life movement as the “losers”. But what is the real truth? Well, “Siege” reveals the truth that the pro-abortion crowd would rather keep covered up.

“Siege” is for every member of the pro-life community. It not only answers the hard questions like: What is the hidden agenda behind Obamacare? and What struggles does the abortion industry face?  But it also gives insights so that pro-lifers will win.

“You need to have some sort of a plan that is designed to win this thing, not just put up a good fight.”

                              – Mark Crutcher

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics & author of Siege

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics & author of Siege

Because Victories are Not Given, They Are Taken. We must win, because lives are counting on it!


Get your copy of Siege by ordering online, or by phone at 1800-800-5433

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