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“Should they really, you know… ” even be performing ABORTIONS?

I remember a few years ago when abortion proponents were furious that laws were being passed requiring clinics to meet ambulatory surgical center standards.

They said many of the requirements were completely unnecessary, such as widening the corridors and updating their ventilation systems.

Senator Donna Campbell of New Braunfels (who’s also a doctor) took the time to explain from the Texas senate floor why these updates were anything but superfluous, saying the corridors must be widened because they’ve discovered it’s currently very hard for paramedics to get gurneys in and out of facilities quickly in cases of emergencies. She also explained how many of the required changes were put in place to stop or slow the spread of bacteria in procedure rooms.



It was hard not to think back on her remarks today as I watched CMP’s latest video- the Stem Express CEO laughing about getting contaminated and Staph infected “donations.”

What are the odds she called the health department to report her findings I wonder….

If you truly care about the health of women you should be furious NOW.


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