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Pro-life leader dismantles lie that women die when abortion clinics close


July 29, 2014



If thousands of women have already been victimized by this cruel and heartless legislation, where are the rotting corpses we were promised?”~  Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher

Today, Life Dynamics Inc.,  a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, has responded to claims issued by abortion supporters that thousands of women will die if abortion clinics close as a result of a newly enacted Texas law known as HB2.

In a video just uploaded to YouTube, Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics responds,  “Last year, the Texas legislature passed a bill raising the health and safety standards for the state’s abortion clinics.  And even though the requirements of this new law are minimal, only about half of the state’s 36 abortion clinics have been able to comply.  The rest have shut down and, come September, another dozen or so facilities are expected to close.  That is when the second phase of this law will go into effect and it will require abortion clinics to meet the same medical standards as every other ambulatory surgical center in the state.  Naturally, some abortion enthusiasts are describing this requirement as “draconian.”

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“Now, a report has been released showing that, so far, almost 5,000 fewer abortions have been done as a direct result of this legislation.  Naturally, the Texas abortion lobby has spiraled into a state of apoplectic shock over this. To hear them tell the story, Texas women are now on the endangered species list.  Of course, this mirrors the dire warnings they issued back during the debate on this bill.  At that time, they basically said that, if this legislation was passed, we would not be able to walk down the streets of any city in Texas without tripping over the rotting corpses of women killed because they could not find an abortionist.

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“Fair enough.  But here’s my question.  If thousands of women have already been victimized by this cruel and heartless legislation, where are the rotting corpses we were promised?  I realize it’s still early, but if this is going to be the holocaust these people predicted it would be, then 5,000 denied abortions have surely produced at least a small pile of dead bodies somewhere.

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So where are they?  And what are the victim’s names?  Inquiring minds want to know.”    

Watch the video here:



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