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Pro-Life “Flash Mob” and Other Heroes on the Front Lines

To kick off the new week, we give a shout-out to all those tireless, regular people who stand for live and the unborn!

Chicago’s First Pro-Life Flash Mob

Last Saturday, the Chicago pro-life youth group Crusaders for Life, decided to drop in on a pro-choice pro Planned Parenthood rally. Perhaps rally isn’t the right word. According to the testimony of someone who attended, there weren’t many people there and they were “an unhappy bunch of ‪#‎abortion‬ ppl (they talk about uprising, fury, resisting, etc. and their talks sound angry).”

In a coordinated effort, the “bright, happy and young pro-lifers flooded their event with a flash mob of cheers, dancing and positivity!” The young pro-lifers were unaffected by the frowns, name-calling, and other speech the furious pro-choicers offered in response. Their peaceful, fun display even had bystanders who watched, took video and photos!

Here’s the video of the event from Crusaders for Life:

Speaking of Videos…


Abortion Survivors Melissa Ohden and Gianna Jessen Give Heartfelt Testimony Before Congress

The congressional hearing of the Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts has been anything but boring. Many of those who tuned in to watch the hearing were touched by the testimonies of Melissa Ohden and Gianna Jessen, and as a result, their testimonies have been shared hundreds of times across social media.

Melissa Ohden’s Testimony

Gianna Jessen’s Testimony


Project Truth Spreads Some Truth to Diablo Valley College

Project Truth visited Diablo Valley College on Monday to discuss abortion with the students. In a post on their Facebook page, Project Truth stated:

“We expect that our team will be met with a mix of students, for and against us but the truth of our displays and literature can not be denied. Please keep us in your prayers…”

From the videos and photos on the groups page, despite the small number of pro-choice counter protesters, their message of life got through to some students. In the video below, two students share their impression of the display.

We are at Diablo Valley College with project truth. These two young ladies wanted to share their experience concerning our display.

Posted by H Bud Reeves on Monday, September 21, 2015

Created Equal “Stands in Solidarity” Outside Under-Construction Planned Parenthood Mega-center


We are in front of the D.C. PP mega center to stand in solidarity between the victims and the victimizer. #justiceforall #createdequal #protestpp

Posted by Mark Harrington on Monday, September 21, 2015

On Monday, activists from Created Equal, Christian Defense Coalition and Pass the Salt Ministries joined forces with a group of over 30 people to block construction access to the proposed site for a Planned Parenthood Mega-center in DC. The group was there for three hours, praying, preaching and sing hymns, holding banners reading “Planned Parenthood sells baby parts.” The pro-life display garnered attention from construction workers who were working on the mega-center and, eventually, police. However no arrests were made.


Created Equal, Planned Parenthood, Abortion Clinic, Washington D.C., Abortion, #ProtestPP, #DefundPP

Image Courtesy of Created Equal



Created Equal, Planned Parenthood, Abortion Clinic, Washington D.C., Abortion, #ProtestPP, #DefundPP

Image Courtesy of Created Equal

Created Equal, Planned Parenthood, Abortion Clinic, Washington D.C., Abortion, #ProtestPP, #DefundPP

Image Courtesy of Created Equal









Honk if You Are Pro-Life!

Today, Protest ABQ and Pro-Life Waco both held a Dawn to Dusk Overpass Protest. This all day overpass protest is designed to educate motorists and passersby about Planned Parenthood and the #PPSellsBabyParts scandal. Protest ABQ’s protest was located at the  I-25 pedestrian overpass, while Pro-Life Waco’s wass on the on the pedestrian bridge above I-35. In an interview with Pro-Life Waco director, John Pisciotta, on the blog Saynsumthn, he stated:

“What we’ve decided is that we have to be the media in our signs, in our person, in our words…

Protest ABQ organizer, Bud Shaver added,

“It is our hope that thousands will see the truth and have a change of heart as a result of our overpass protests on September 22nd.”

#PPSellsBabyParts, Protest ABQ, Pro-Life Waco, Protest, Overpass, Pro-Life

Photo of the Waco Protest. Photo by: John Pisciotta


UPDATE: Just before the end of day of their Dawn to Dusk Overpass Protest, Protest ABQ got a visit from local police and the Department of Transportation hoping to shut the protest down.  The interaction between an organizer of the protest, police, and DOT was caught on video. DOT offered feeble excuses for why they couldn’t display their signs including that their carriable signs were “adding additional load to the structure.” In a separate video, the ABQ Department of Transportation can be seen taking down Protest ABQ’s signs and justifies their actions by referring to an “administrative policy that law enforcement can’t even enforce.”

The truth is we never fully understand the impact our voice and pro-life protests can have.


Thanks to all those who stand up for the unborn!

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