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Pro-Choice Mind Benders – Episode 2

1.) Planned Parenthood Board Chair Sits on Board of Group for Holocaust Survivors

During the furor from the latest investigation on Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, it has been pointed out that Planned Parenthood selling parts for “research” is chillingly similar to the justification the Nazis gave for their research on Jewish people during the Holocaust.

So it is naturally understandable to be confused when you hear that a board member of The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, is also a chairperson for Planned Parenthood and is even being honored at their upcoming Diamond Award Gala.

Apparently Carol Kabel hasn’t read the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education’s Mission Statement:

“…Through innovative programs and partnerships, CHHE challenges injustice, inhumanity and prejudice, and fosters understanding, inclusion and engaged citizenship.”

Read the full LifeNews Article.

2.) N.O.W. President: Abortion ‘Is an Essential Measure to Prevent Heartbreak of Infant Mortality’

CNS News reports that Terry O’Neill, who is the president of the pro-abortion women’s group N.O.W., stated in an articled titled Abortion, Like Contraception, Is Essential Health Care That Saves Lives that:

“From a public health point of view, abortion care, no less than contraception, is an essential measure to prevent the heartbreak of infant mortality…”

In other words, she is saying that the death of your child from an abortion would be less painful than if he or she died naturally… So we are expected to believe that mothers and fathers will be less traumatized or heartbroken by preemptively having their child killed before he or she has a chance to live, than their child dying after they gave them a chance at life and did all they could medically?

Loosing a child is hard, no matter how it happens. The difference is that those who have aborted their child often experience grief and remorse over the fact that they took part in their child’s death.

3.) Planned Parenthood Activists Pelt Pro-Life Carly Fiorina With Condoms at Campaign Stop

Planned Parenthood, Giant Birth Control, Protest, Iowa, Fiorina campaign stop,

Screenshot from the NBC video coverage of the event

The people clad in pink usually know how to get attention. At a campaign stop in Iowa, Planned Parenthood supporters decided to join the party, shouting: “Carly Fiorina! Off sides for telling lies!” and “women are watching, and we vote!” According to news reports, eventually “some in the crowd began hurling unopened condoms at Fiorina.“While it was unclear if the Planned Parenthood demonstrators tossed them, the group was handing them out to people as they walked around the college stadium.”

You can read the full article at LifeNews.

4.) Comedian Margaret Cho: ‘God Created Abortion’

Margaret Cho has gotten a lot of attention online this week for some tweet she sent out defending abortion and Planned Parenthood. So what did she say that is getting so much attention? An article from Breitbart shows us:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.30.37 PM

Margaret Cho, Abortion, Planned Parenthood, God,

(Yeah, A “bunch of cells” that happens to have a heart, liver, brain, and all those other things that are being requested by medical researchers.)

5.) Pelosi to Reporter on When Life Begins & Abortion

Recent events with the #PPSellsBabyParts scandal has gotten lots of people wanting answers. During a news conference on Thursday, one reporter asked Nanci Pelosi “If an unborn baby has a human heart and a human liver, is it a human being?” I guess he was confused because many who defend abortion, such as Margaret Cho,  state that “it’s only a glob of tissue,” and “it’s not alive,”and “it’s not human, ” but yet its human enough to be used for medical research…

Fuming, Pelosi responds, “I think I know more about this subject than you.”

6.) Congresswoman Defends Abortion: “We Don’t Do Children a Favor By Forcing Women To Give Birth”

On Monday, at a press conference held by the Congressional Black Caucus, while explaining why she supports abortion and Planned Parenthood Rep. Gwen Moore stated this:

“I don’t think we do children a favor by forcing women to give birth.”


That’s right, Mrs. Moore buys into the belief that killing someone is the “compassionate” solution to prevent any possible hardship…

The full article can be read at LifeNews.

7.) A “Care-Advocate” Vandalizes Pro-Life Chalk Art & Posts A Vandalism “Selfie” on Instagram

The newly formed Student’s For Life group at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas decided to share the message of Life by drawing nineteen hearts in pastel colors, representing the 57 million aborted since 1973, in the campus Free Speech Zone.

Along comes a “care advocate” for the campus’ woman’s center who started taking pictures of their work before calling someone to loudly rant about their chalk art. She could be overheard stating how she wanted to “barf all over [their chalk messages]”, etc. The pro-choice activist left, but made sure to come back when the pro-life group had left to vandalize their art – and post a picture on Instagram of herself doing it…

UNLV vandal2

Holly Ramella posted this to Instagram. She must have thought twice about it later because she deleted the post. Luckily, Clare Finley, a member of the college’s Student’s For Life group screen-captured it before it was deleted.

Read more in the article by Student’s For Life.

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