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The miracle of life is already astounding but it seemed even more miraculous for a premature baby.


Source: Yahoo News

Meet Pixie Griffiths-Grant, a baby who was born three months premature and weighed just 1.1 pounds.

She was saved with the help of some quick-thinking doctors and a miracle. Pixie’s mom, Sharon Grant, had to give birth to Pixie early because it was detected that Pixie had stopped growing in the womb. After Pixie was delivered via a Cesarean delivery, doctors feared that Pixie wouldn’t live more than an hour because of her size. But the doctors “immediately bundled her into a see-through sandwich bag” to keep her temperature from falling, and she was rushed to the intensive care unit.

Pixie had to stay in an incubator for three months and wasn’t allowed to go home until she was five months old. But at five months, and weighing 7.5 pounds, Pixie is now at home with her parents.

Sharon described the situation as  being scary, where doctors would check her ‘”all the time and I had all the doctors telling me all this bad news ‘”.

“But at the moment she is doing really well. She looks really nice and healthy.”

So what can Pixie’s story teach us about life?


All life is precious – no matter what the circumstance, and it is important for all of us to stand up for the most fragile human beings. Because the most threatened lives are the voiceless babies in the womb…



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