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Pictures of Her Aborted Baby

Woman gets abortion and now complains that the abortion clinic sent her a picture of her ultrasound.

Source: Caters News Agency

Source: Caters News Agency

A 29-year-old woman named Nicky Windsor had an abortion at Conifer House clinic in Hull, East Yorkshire.

After getting the abortion she complained after “not being offered the choice of a single burial for the foetus”.



Ms. Windsor believed that she should have had the option of having her aborted baby buried, rather than having “a mass burial or cremation”.

After her complaint, Conifer House clinic sent her a “sympathy card” in the mail, along with the ultrasound of the baby that she had aborted. The sympathy card read:  Nicki, hope this gives you some comfort.

Although Ms. Windsor believed that Conifer House sent it as an apology after she complained, the picture of the ultra-sound traumatized her instead.

“When I first got the card I thought it was a nice gesture but when I opened it up and saw two baby scans it absolutely shattered me. It was just an awful feeling.”

Ms. Windsor’s case of regret is very common. The pro-abortion crowd likes to depict abortion as an empowering tool for women, but in reality it’s not. Not only does abortion kill a baby but it also hurts women and the father’s of the baby as well.

So for something that is supposedly so good, why is it so hurtful?

(Original Story posted on the Daily Mail ).


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