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Pay No Attention to the Pro-Choice Movement Behind the Curtain…

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

The Wizard of Oz is a wonderful story about how an ordinary person can make a huge impact in the world. The story also points out that the character traits we tend to associate with greatness, i.e. intelligence, courage, and compassion lie within all of us – whether we realize it or not. Perhaps one of the greatest lessons Dorothy learned in Oz is that not everything is what it seems.

Image From the Wizard of Oz (1939). Image courtesy of MGM.

Image From the Wizard of Oz (1939). Image courtesy of MGM.

The very same is true in real life, specifically when it comes to the pro-choice and pro-life movements.

Pro-lifers are  portrayed by the media as a small group of masochistic,  Bible thumping, narrow-minded, women hating crazies who are not enlightened enough to understand the pro-choice position. Meanwhile, the pro-choice community is usually portrayed as peaceful, polite, enlightened, tolerant individuals who are simply “standing up for women’s rights.”

However, the Internet and social media are breaking down these perceptions.

The internet has become our greatest tool. Not only does it prove that our position on life has been correct the whole time, but it shows that the pro-life movement is increasingly diverse with both men and women of all ages, that come from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, political views, and religions. With each day that passes, more pro-life testimonies and conversions that are filled with love, sometimes sadness, and a drive to end this injustice – gets spread around the world – proving that we are all not the crazies we were made out to be.

Throughout all this, the shrinking pro-choice crowd has become dedicated to maintaining their image as enlightened, tolerant, fighters for equality; and that “to really be pro-life you must be pro-choice…

Yahoo Parenting Article: A new reminder that 'Pro-Choice' is not 'Anti-Baby' by Jennifer O'Neill Salon Magazine Article: Pro-Choice is Prolife Huffington Post Blog: I am Pro-Life and Pro-Choice by Donna Carol Voss

 Make no mistake that this image is just like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

Right now the “feminist” group Femen is making the news for yet another topless protest. Many may remember the group for their pro-choice, or rather abortion on demand, protests across Europe. However, they are not the only ones to get naked for choice. Nor are they alone in embracing outrageous and bizarre tactics to make their message known. In fact, there are women who go advocating for, what they define as women’s rights, dressed as giant vaginas… (I will never understand how women can go around topless and/or dressed as genitalia, when they claim they are trying to end women being viewed as sex objects.  At the very least, it would appear to be counterproductive to that goal.)


Femen Topless Pro-Choice Protest

Femen Topless Pro-Choice Protest

Pro-Choice Vagina Costume







In fact, do a search on the Internet, and you will see it filled with examples of masochistic “bro-choicers”,  outrageous protests, and degrading and tasteless abortion humor that seems to be the norm with the pro-choice community.

That is why we at Life Dynamics created

Make no mistake, the things on this site are real. Perhaps that is why the pro-choice crowds are dwindling. Maybe people are finally starting to see thru the “choicers” twisted and illogical arguments, or just maybe, the world is watching the pro-abortion crowd continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Regardless, people’s eyes are starting to open and see abortion for what it really is and who stands behind it.

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