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“My Intent is to put the abortion industry out of business…”

“What we’re doing strategically is regulating the abortion industry out of business…By putting in place simple, common sense pieces of legislation, and regulation that in reality puts them out of business. You know, you’ve got to have hospital privileges within thirty miles, well these fly-in-abortionistas can’t perform. They can’t operate at the same level or standard of care as the other abortionists in the community. Or you just make them have ambulatory surgical centers just like anybody else performing out- patients surgeries…Make no mistake about it, we’re not here just to have clean sheets in abortion clinics and abortion is somehow okay, it’s NEVER going to be okay! But, we can be smart and strategic and close these abortion clinics down with some simple regulatory measures and that puts them out of business.” ~ Troy Newman on this month’s Life Talk show watch here

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