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“When we talk to post-abortive‬ women…They call in here for legal or medical help. One of the things you universally hear…we start talking about the issue of forgiveness. They say, God will forgive them but they can’t forgive themselves. One of the things I always tell these women is that I can understand that on a human level – but on a spiritual level you’re wrong. Because what you are really saying when you say, God can forgive me but I can’t forgive myself, what you’re really saying is my standards are higher than God’s. Right? Because He can forgive me but my standards are much higher and I can’t forgive myself.

We’ve talked about how easy it is to save a baby. We had that situation last month where that guy used one of our $.25 brochures and had a turn-around at an abortion clinic. We’ve seen that just that one statement- it’s like a light goes off…Sometimes just the smallest little thing that you can say can either save a baby or in this case save a woman.”

Life Dynamics, Inc. president, Mark Crutcher, on the October Life Talk show



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