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Catholic hospital won’t say if abortionist still has admitting privileges

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — An excommunicated abortionist used the admitting privileges granted him by a Catholic hospital in the last year to perform what could have amounted to thousands of abortions in Corpus Christi – and LifeSiteNews has learned that he is still active in San Antonio.

The Coastal Birth Control Center told Life Dynamics that it was ending all abortions at its facility because of the retirement of its abortionist, Dr. Eduardo Aquino.


Aquino’s status as an abortionist is well-known. In February 1990, Rene H. Gracida, then-Bishop of Corpus Christi, publicly excommunicated Aquino for his lack of repentance. The excommunication was reported by the New York Times.

The hospital’s actions, which effectively allowed Aquino to continue performing abortions, outraged the local pro-life movement. Pastor Daniel Sem of the Sovereign Grace Community Church led pickets of the hospital, including a well-exposed protest over Mother’s Day weekend, and an online petition at gathered hundreds of signatures.

The website “Repent Spohn” greeted the news of Aquino’s retirement by saying: “After 35+ years and more than 65,000 estimated babies murdered in Corpus Christi, at long last the final abortion clinic in South Texas is shut down.”

While Aquino has closed his office in that city, he may still have admitting privileges at the Catholic hospital. LifeSiteNews contacted Christus Spohn numerous times to ask whether Dr. Aquino still had admitting privileges. Over the course of a week, the hospital repeatedly refused to confirm or deny.

Read the full story here.

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