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Is Abortion The New Plan B For The Medical Community?

It’s not hard for an article to get your attention when it is titled:

 California doctor allegedly implants wrong baby, then aborts to cover it up.



The article, written Tuesday by LifeSiteNews, reports how fertility doctor, Rifaat Salem, discovered he had implanted one of his patients with the wrong conceived embryos just two days prior. He promptly called his patient, Melissa Pineda, and asked her to come to his office as soon as possible – claiming he needed to see how the implanted embryos were doing. Instead Salem would perform both a dilation and curettage (D&C) abortion, as well as a chemical abortion, both without Melissa’s consent.

Understandably, the Pineda’s are devastated. In an interview they stated,

“What if we did have a viable baby that was going to be born we should have a little kid running around now because of what he did…That’s the hard part and what will never be replaced – the moments and the happiness with this child that we wanted and it’s not there now.”

Meliss and David Pineda in an interview with KTLA

Melissa and David Pineda in an interview with KTLA

 Unfortunately, the Pineda’s are not the only ones with this kind of story…

In his new book Siege, Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, reveals how their ABMAL (abortion malpractice) project has provided them with an opportunity to see the “dark side of medicine that exists.” He states that “almost immediately” after the program was launched, some clients reported that they never wanted to get an abortion, but that they had been pressured into it by their doctor.

“In one of our first instances of this, we worked with a woman from Virgina who told us she had been trying to get pregnant for several years and her OBGYN was fully aware of this. She said that when she finally became pregnant, she was stunned to find him aggressively pushing her to abort, saying her baby had problems that were ‘incompatible with life’ and that giving birth might also kill her. “

The harassment by her OBGYN, the same one who took a Hippocratic oath to do no harm, continued on for days despite the fact she made it clear she would never consider it. Her doctor called her at home and criticized her decision – even calling it insensitive. (Ironic right?) He called her husband at work and put the pressure on him. The doctor planted seeds of fear that the husband might lose his wife should she carry to term. It’s needless to say that eventually they caved.

Later, an independent pathology report found that the child was a “completely normal fetus with no indications of health problems.”  So why was her doctor convinced, not only that the baby had health problems, but that the abortion was so necessary?Crutcher then states that when her woman’s attorney investigated he discovered that,

“two weeks prior to her pregnancy being diagnosed, she had come to the same doctor with flu-like symptoms. Her medical records showed that, not only was no pregnancy test performed, but she was never even asked if she might be pregnant. The chart also showed that the doctor gave her a prescription for a drug that it’s manufacturer says should never be given to pregnant women because it can cause severe birth defects. When she returned two weeks later and her pregnancy was diagnosed, a nurse recognized what had happened and warned the doctor that this may have led to the patient’s baby being handicapped. We were able to establish a timeline showing that this was the point at which the doctor and his staff began coercing the woman to have the abortion.”

Additionally, it was discovered that no tests were done to see if the baby actually had any problems, nothing in the woman’s file indicated that the pregnancy posed a health risk to the woman; and despite the fact that he was qualified to do the abortion himself – the doctor insisted that she pick, on her own, an independent clinic to get it done. Crutcher surmises that everything about the case proved that she was coerced into an abortion by her doctor to eliminate any chance that he could face a lawsuit. In the end, the doctor’s obsession with protecting himself led to his patient developing depression and attempting to commit suicide, as well as, her ended marriage.

So is abortion the new Plan B of the medical community?

Crutcher states in Siege that Life Dynamics has seen this type of scenario play out many times.

Although it is not possible to document how widespread this problem might be, what we do know is that a significant number of physicians use abortion as a way to avoid the legal consequences of mishandled pregnancies. Among these people, the operating principle is: if the baby goes away, the problem goes away.”

What is clear is that the medical community has an unseen problem that could very well get worse. So, from now on – I will be making sure that ALL my physicians are pro-life.

Siege - A Pro-Life Field Manual by Mark Crutcher

You can read more about this more in the book, Siege  – available now from Life Dynamics for $20. Order your copy online at the Life Dynamics Website or by calling (940)380-8800.

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