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Father Repents For Not Wanting His Downs Daughter

Heath White, a pilot and FBI agent, said he had always sought perfection – and a Down syndrome child did not fit into that picture.

But his wife refused to have an abortion and Paisley was born in 2007. A few months later, he was making her laugh and he realized she was just like every other child.

‘Nobody knew the way I felt before she was born, and if I can keep one family, one person from having to live with the guilt and almost making the mistake that I almost made, it’s going to be worth the pain that Paisley will feel later in life knowing the way that I felt,’ he said… ‘Chances are that she never would have known the way I felt before she was born. That could have been my dirty secret that I kept with me forever.

‘But I didn’t want it to be a secret, I wanted her to know that she was everything to me… My love for Paisley is perfect.’

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