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AP Ignores Female, ‪Black‬ ‪‎Democrat‬ That Authored ‪‎ProLife‬ ‪‎Abortion‬ Regulations

From The Hayride

Rep. Katrina Jackson (D-New Orleans) is arguably one of the most pro-life legislators in the Louisiana legislature. And the catch is that she is an African-American Democrat, breaking through the stereotype that blacks and Democrats by majority are pro-choice.

In a new article by the Associated Press (AP), the news wire explains the implications that new abortion regulations will have on the state’s few abortion clinics, shuttering many of them.

However, the article never even mentions that a black, female Democrat (Jackson) authored and was the champion of the new bipartisan pro-life regulations.

Instead, the AP mentions Gov. Bobby Jindal, saying “Critics packed a public hearing Thursday to oppose the regulation changes planned by Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration.”

While Jindal does support the regulations, he is pro-life, Jackson is the legislator behind those regulations. But, reporting that would make the issue seem like it has bipartisan support, which is not exactly the angle the AP wants to have.

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