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The Real Reason the FDA Changed the Abortion Pill Guidelines…

Why are pro-life advocates upset with the FDA? (and rightfully so) It is because the FDA has extended the use of “the abortion pill” to 70 days into pregnancy, instead of the original 49. Mifepristone, also known as Mifeprex and RU486, has many risks and complications and it has injured many women. Plus, making it […]

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Celebrating True Feminism & The Work Of Alice Paul

Those who visited Google on January 11th found this incredible sketch of the suffragist, Alice Paul, fighting for women’s rights. Not long after Alice Paul was awarded the place of honor on the search engine’s site, news outlets and websites began to post articles celebrating her life’s work on the anniversary of her birth.   […]

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Is Abortion The New Plan B For The Medical Community?

It’s not hard for an article to get your attention when it is titled:  California doctor allegedly implants wrong baby, then aborts to cover it up.   The article, written Tuesday by LifeSiteNews, reports how fertility doctor, Rifaat Salem, discovered he had implanted one of his patients with the wrong conceived embryos just two days […]

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The Best of #ThxBirthControl

Wednesday, the pro-choice movement dedicated a day to celebrating birth control on Twitter with the hashtag #ThxBirthControl. Most of the tweets we saw were the same old rhetoric about how women’s equality is only possible through access to birth control and abortion. However, some went as far as to say that: “#BirthControl lets us take […]

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Precious Life

The miracle of life is already astounding but it seemed even more miraculous for a premature baby. Meet Pixie Griffiths-Grant, a baby who was born three months premature and weighed just 1.1 pounds. She was saved with the help of some quick-thinking doctors and a miracle. Pixie’s mom, Sharon Grant, had to give birth to […]

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The Women “Left Bleeding on the Jericho Road.”

Normally, opinion columns written on Friday afternoon’s – like today – go unnoticed. However the comments section of an article by Rev. Laura Young called “Keeping open a sacred space for those who choose abortion” proves it is definitely being noticed. In the article, Ms. Young basically states that Christians have an “moral obligation” to […]

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Siege: The Most Important Pro-Life Guide

This book will change everything you think about the war against the unborn. Right now, the pro-life movement is entering a new phase as we continue to fight for the pre-born. We have opportunities that we’ve never had before and we are saving thousands of babies. But, in order to continue to successfully save lives, […]

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Skirting the Law

How do underage girls get abortions without their parents’ consent? With the help of this woman. Meet Lorie Chaiten, director of the ACLU’s Reproductive Rights Project. This woman “helps” minors get a waiver from a judge that allows her to get an abortion without her parent’s knowledge or consent. Recently, the Chicago Tribune wrote an […]

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Pro-Choice Mind Benders – Episode 2

1.) Planned Parenthood Board Chair Sits on Board of Group for Holocaust Survivors During the furor from the latest investigation on Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, it has been pointed out that Planned Parenthood selling parts for “research” is chillingly similar to the justification the Nazis gave for their research on Jewish people during the […]

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Pictures of Her Aborted Baby

Woman gets abortion and now complains that the abortion clinic sent her a picture of her ultrasound. A 29-year-old woman named Nicky Windsor had an abortion at Conifer House clinic in Hull, East Yorkshire. After getting the abortion she complained after “not being offered the choice of a single burial for the foetus”.     […]

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