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New Father chronicles being a dad in hilarious videos



New Father Chronicles

A series of New Father Chronicles videos has been uploaded by proud dad La Guardia Cross.

Amalah New Father Chronicles

In week 1, daughter Amalah arrives and Cross published this touching and hilarious video.

I enjoy rest, I enjoy sleep, but I also enjoy the moments when this girl looks at me. When she kinda smiles. When she looks like she’s enjoying herself, when she’s happy, when she’s sleeping well,” he says tenderly.

New Father Chronicles SunSentinel

In an interview with the the Sun-Sentinel, Cross explained why he started New Father Chronicles.

I wanted to do [the vlog] because I was really excited when I found out my wife was pregnant,” he said. “I started thinking about it in advance. I was even creating songs for her before she was born,” he said.

Help the Cause Life Dynamics pro-life

In this episode, daughter Amalah is 6 weeks old and La Guardia Cross interviews her.

Cross asks her where she came from and if she is allergic to places like church.

Amalah Interview with infant

The video is just adorable – see for yourself: 


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